Monday, April 27, 2015

Who Dat Sound-Podcast #32 featuring Eddie Condon's and the Commodore-Red Balaban

From Red's best friend, especially in his later years:

I have my own Podcast radio show called "Hip To It". I just put up my 32nd show and I did a tribute to Condon's and featured a remembrance of the club during my tenure there. You'll all dig it. I relayed some of my times spent with "The Commodore".
When you click on the site (below) click "Enter Here" will then see the most recent shows below my visage from the CD "Hip To It". At the top of the list is Eddie Condon's "Diversity of the 3rd Incarnation". 
Click on that and enjoy the show. I know "The Commodore" would approve.
Danny D'Imperio

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